Course Reserve

What is Course Reserves?

Course Reserves are course-related materials made available physically through the UTM Library.  Items that may be on reserve for a class include: books, articles, book chapters, journal articles, class handouts, and related information.

Course Reserves for Faculty

Course Reserves is a library service offered to faculty members to ensure materials they want students to read is available for them.  Core text title list will be uploaded in the Course Reserves catalogue

All students can only view the materials inside the library.

Teaching staff can borrow the materials if the materials have duplicated copies.

Number of copies for course reserve items 

Generally, the library do not acquire duplicate copies, a maximum of 2 copies can be acquired if it is a course reserve items suggested by faculty members.

How to place materials on Course Reserves?

Faculty members can send email to and inform our library staff about the (1) course name, (2) course code,(3) name of faculty members teaching the course and (4) title of the core texts.