Services and Facilities

UTM Library also provides the following Services and Facilities to our users:

Barrier free Service

The library will provide the following barrier free services for elderly, disability, pregnancy and any users who need assistance when entering the library:

  • If the user is inconvenient to enter and exit the library through the main entrance , user can contact the library staff to assist in and out through the barrier-free access ;

  • The library staff will assist in finding books and materials to facilitate related user ;

  • Priority to use counter service. (borrowing and returning service, Macau-Pass add-value service, etc.)



Book Return

Borrowers who are unable to return their items in the Library Information Desk can return them to our Book Return located at the entrance of library. All items will be checked in the next working day.

Location of Book Return


Book Return at Inspiration Building:

Only teaching staff are eligible to drop materials using the Book Return Box located inside the staff pantry in the Inspiration Building. Please drop the items according to their formats to avoid damages of the library resources.


Book Return at Educational Restaurant Building:

All users are eligible to drop materials using the Book Return box located at the entrance of Mong-Há Campus Library in Educational Restaurant Building. The Book Return will only be opened when the library is not in service.


Book Return at Forward Building of Taipa Campus :

All users are eligible to drop materials using the Book Return box located at Self-service Area in Forward Building Ground floor. The Book Return will only be opened when the library is not in service.


  1. The 'Book Return' will be in service ONLY when the library closes. Please return your books directly to the library counter ;

  2. Users are liable to pay any overdue administrative charges when depositing overdue items inside the 'Book Return' ;

  3. All books deposited to the 'Book Return' will be collected by library staff on the following working day, please check your Library Account to view current status of your items ;

  4. Please DO NOT take any books out from the 'Book Return', for any check out, kindly approach the library.

Book Steriliser

With only 45 seconds, the UV light and Ozone will thoroughly disinfect your books. You are highly recommended to use the steriliser after borrowing and before returning.


Book Steriliser at Mong-Ha Library


Book Steriliser at Taipa Campus Library

Video: How to use the book steriliser? 


Self Check Machine

To avoid queuing up at our circulation counter for borrowing or return items, highly suggest to access library Self Check Machine.



  • Photocopying inside the Library is on a self-service basis. Self-service photocopier service could be paid by MacauPass card or Mpay.

  • When using the photocopiers and printers, users should abide by all responsibility and consequences for violating patents and copyrights